Home and Stone - Paid for merchandise and never got it


Paid $32.00 for sheets set.Never got it.This is some code that were used . es5422dtqh66t2EUSS,Case268142

Return my money or I WOULD LOVE the sheets set.

Please return money the sheet set or will have to realy give you guys a BAD review.

Contact me and let me know what's up ! Thank you.

Ihave nothing else to say.I love the things you offer.Iwould order more "if you normaly send it.

Let me know soon.This is so so ***.I realy have nothing else to say.A la claire fontaine m'en allant promener j'ai trouve leau si belle que je my suis beignee.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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HomeandStone Home and Stone SUCKS

Not resolved

Please do not buy from Home and Stone, their website is www.HomeandStone.com

This seller sold me an item they didn't have in stock and did not contact me at all for over one month. I had to personally follow up with them more than 5 times to get a response saying that this item will not ship for 3 months.

HomeandStone does not ship on time. Their customer service is terrible and does not take care of its customers. They really held my money hostage for months.

I had to file a chargeback to get a refund.

Here are their links, so please beware:



This company is terrible.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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New York, New York, United States #597624

:eek they dont even sell to Hong Kong


I would have to agree with Adam. I also ordered from them a few times and never had any problems knock on wood. got great prices too with some couopons.


:? Not sure what last poster is talking about. bought from them a few times only gr8 experiances. Stand up company in my book.

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